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The Mineral County Museum is one of the best museums in Nevada. It is a non-profit facility owned by Mineral County, Nevada and dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the past.
The Mineral County Museum is located at the corner of Tenth and D Streets in Hawthorne, Nevada. Directly across the street from the rest area on U.S. Highway 95 at the north endof Hawthorne.


At Veteran’s Memorial Park you can rest from a long drive, have a picnic, or just enjoy the afternoon. Its located on US Highway 95 coming into Hawthorne.

Sites to See 
Old Rawhide Jail
Located next to Min. County Corthouse, 1st & A St.

Memorial Rose Garden
Located next to Min. County Library, 1st & A St.

Lion’s Park
5th & Armory Road

BPO Elks Lodge # 1704
The original railroad freight depot, 5th & F St.

Mineral County Chamber of Commerce Office

Across from Min. Co. Independent-News, 314 5th St.

Hawthorne’s Original One-Room Schoolhouse

Currently school administration, 503 C St.

Original Primary School – Cultural Arts Center
Located on 6th & D St.


The Hawthorne Ordnance Museum houses a great deal of ammunition
from the past. Come by and
check out a long history of
munitions. We hope to see you!
The Hawthorne Ordnance Museum
is located at the corner of Nineth
and E Streets in Hawthorne,
Nevada. Directly across from
Financial Horizons C.U.


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Hawthorne Ordnance Museum
Located on 900 E St.

Hawthorne Convention Ctr.
Original USO Building

Across the street from the Ordnance Museum

Mineral County Museum
Located on 10th & D St.

Veteran’s Memorial Park – Home of the original Hawthorne Club neon sign

Located across from the Mineral County Museum

Hawthorne Fin Field
US Highway 95 North of Safeway

Walker Lake Golf Course
Hawthorne Ammunition Depot